The Queen of Herbs

And herb of the Queen, Catherine de Medici.

Nice video (with music!) of growing then flowering Woodland Tobacco. The two species with fine jasmine smell are Nicotiana sylvestris and Nicotiana alata. Sylvestris/Woodland tobacco has many decorative garden cultivars/varieties with fancy colors. The white flowers variety are the original primitive plant ancestor to the smoking tobaccos and some others such as Nicotiana rustica, probably the species first introduced to Iberia where Jean Nicot, French ambassador to Portugal, encountered the plant ca. 450 years ago then popularized it as a medicinal poultice cure to treat skin cancer and ringworm and as snuff or chew for migraine headaches, sending some to Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, for her own headaches and/or those of Dauphin Francois II. With so much associated buzz Linnaeus named the genus Nicotiana.

Nicot tobacco

Image of Nicot presenting tobacco to Catherine de  Medici