Seize, Crimp, Swage

Tools, fittings and hardware from diverse fields used also for sleds and mushing equipment


Working on the identification and explanation of what’s shown:

Upper level, on yellow plastic, left to right: 1. rolls of sled cables made of steel wire cable (7X7?) coated with black plastic, eyes on the ends swaged with aluminum oval swages (2 such swages are sitting on the larger tool to the right) 2. tool for crimping hose clips/clamps, can also be used on rubber shock cord, 4 such clamps in the middle below, 2 that are ready for use, 2 already clamped tight but with nothing inside 3. multiple opening/size swaging tool used and sold for wire cable aircraft and other applications 4. rubber shock cord hanging down onto the plywood with loop/eye on the end clamped tight/swaged using that tool and thin wall oval sleeve sitting next to the loop/eye (thin wall style oval sleeve in view as purchased was cut to make 2 shorter pieces then cut ends cleaned with wire brush and countersink tool to remove burrs to prevent cut and fray the outer braid on shock cord.

Lower level sitting on plywood bench, left to right: 1. tool for closing/crimping wire clips used on rope and rubber shock cords, red handles 2. wire cable with swaged eyes, oval sleeve/swage covered in heat shrink, center section with white plastic sleeve, used as snow hook/anchor hanger between driving bow stanchions 3. wire clips/rings 4. hose clamps 5. another tool for closing/tightening wire clips or pig rings 6. shock cord with loop on end and full size thin wall oval sleeve.

Sources and suppliers found on the Internet under tools, fittings, hardware, marine, boating, aircraft, cable, ultra-light and combinations of these tags.

The aircraft wire cable tool and fittings and oval sleeves shown were first used to make cable ganglines starting in the 1980s . Then for the single stanchion Aerosled design front and back stay cables.


Sleds Aero

Timo Jokela’s design below:

Sleds Timo1


2 thoughts on “Seize, Crimp, Swage

    • Have not seen spaghetti sled. Spaghetti Westerns and Spaghetti Mushers I do know. Schandelmeir does not sound like an Italian name to me. I remember 25 years ago Joe Runyan was high on noodle sleds, so-called because extremely flexible.

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