Fry Bread First Nations

Fry Bread: an element of Cultural Stockholm Syndrome?

As Marie Antoinette said, contributing eventually to her own execution, a clueless insult to the malnourished masses, let them eat cake… or frybread.

The five gifts (Trojan horses, seeds of destruction) of the white man: sugar, lard, milk, salt, flour according to an article in The Walrus, June 2016, Breaking Bread, Bannock’s contentious role in Aboriginal cuisine. (Must mean specifically food “gifts” otherwise why not strong alcohol and twisted Euro-centric Christianity?)

“Hide your wives and daughters; hide your groceries too…

Now they’re gone, gone, really gone…”

Bannock as a tool of Colonialist Imperialist repression? Fry Bread and bannock are agents of cultural genocide! Don’t blame the Scots. The early versions in Scotland would have been cooked on girdles (our language corruption, gridles) hot flat stones around the fire, the dough batter made with barley and/or oats. No sugar. Baking soda was introduced to cooking ca. mid 19th century… more about that in Marian McNeill’s book The Scots Kitchen… BTW, even uncooked oats are tasty and digestible.

What brought on this gratuitous rant; who am I to complain? Who has any right to identify with Aboriginal and other enslaved colonized people? Take a hint: don’t mistakenly refer to a Paddy, a Cousin Jack, or a Scot as an Englishman…

Is it good enough to say of native culture “use it or lose it?” In the face of constant overt and covert cultural sabotage, the prescription should be “use it and flaunt it.”

Stockholm Syndrome is a term used when captives identify with and join, co-opted by the captors. Willingly adopting and carrying shackles of repression that were first forced on them.

The new colonial imperialism goes by the euphemistic title Globalization. But long in the past, as now, the tools perpetuating Colonialism following military conquest were diet, culture and religion promoted with false proxy misleading doublespeak doublethink Newspeak reminiscent of George Orwell’s novel 1984. The colonizers are so adept and proficient they no longer need military force. (Except the USA when manipulated for their more immediate benefit by the Military branch of the Greedy Industrial Complex.)

Trade agreements, Free Market manipulation of culture and diet are all more efficient and cost effective methods in the New Fascism based on the old paradigm of big business and government collusion, the Military Industrial Complex Ike Eisenhower complained about too late as he was leaving office. Comedian Mort Sahl said, “We fought WWII to stop Fascism. We won, we prevailed… for about 10 years.”

The 99% or fewer (even in the so-called Free World) that are losers in the Globalization Grand Game don’t understand they are exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome, buying and investing in the chains, restraints, constraints and shackles they put on their own bodies. Occupy Wall Street Movement were simply taking superficial actions while continuing as part of the Globalization franchise constituency. Speaking and demonstrating for the 99%, they were themselves 99% immersed voluntarily in the Globalization element. Calling out for Apocalyptic changes but truly only Apocalypstic. Many of them and certainly their parents depend on the banking stock market-controlled global economy scheme.

As a metaphor Jozef Conrad wrote in Lord Jim, “Swim in the element that surrounds you.” The corollary means keep your head above water or you will die. To avoid “drowning” you must swim in one prevailing element or medium but keep your head up, above in another.

Back to bannock, fry bread, scones, tools of colonial cultural aggression, changing course from general abstractions toward specifics…

There is often a dispute about native culture, some feel proprietary and secretive (often because historic suppression by colonizers required distrust and hiding their culture) unwilling to show and tell to others within or outside their own tradition. When I hear that I usually say, the cat was out of the bag long ago, any cats still in the bag you may think you are protecting but more likely will suffocate and die. Use it, flaunt it or lose it! In biological systems there is no static equilibrium, only temporary stability with opposing balanced forces; diversity is strength to adapt to inescapable changes to equilibrium. True for culture and populations as well as species and individuals.

Invasive species, invasive cultures. Invasive species coming in because of changing habitat are inevitable but useful. What good can there be from a single global dominant invasive culture?

Another way to put it, in a one dimensional system the universal and perhaps cosmic principle of Entropy dictates one step forward can only result in multiple steps back, the Entropy of the universe is a negative sum game. But in a multi-dimensional system you can chose which direction or in which compartment to progress/win and which to regress/lose, one step forward can be achieved without loss in that direction when the two steps back occur in another area/compartment which you can determine.

Apologizing for logorrhea, running at the mouth…

A few years ago, Reinhardt was serving up fry bread, a type of bannock, at a fundraising event, when he asked himself, “Would my ancestors even recognize this as food?” His question led him to develop a year-long study called the Decolonizing Diet Project, in which twenty-five participants, including Reinhardt, ate a diet of foods indigenous to the Great Lakes region. For Reinhardt, like Adams, decolonizing means not eating bannock. “People are calling it Indian soul food,” he says. “Fry bread helped us to survive in a period of colonization—why would we celebrate that and internalize that?”

Here is a pdf slideshow with lots of good info and data, though some might see also in their rigor the foolish consistency that is the hobgoblin of little minds, for instance rejecting parsnip but eating squash.

Breaking Bread



Breaking Bread


















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