Big Brother/Blogger Is Watching

Yesterday’s post about dog sled designs and failures was the most viewed on this blog and led to good feedback and discussion. If you like to know the stats as a reflection of global interest for mushing and this particular subject, as of this moment… (Philippines, Brazil?!)


Earl Norris and Martin Buser “chewing the fat”

I am also adding to the original post because of interaction with a sled builder about the practical aspects of preventing broken runners.

FWIW here photos of Easy Rider motorcycles and sled



Total 179 visitors, 345 views

For yesterday

United States 44
Norway 36
Russia 25
Germany 18
Poland 16
Sweden 16
Canada 15
France 8
Switzerland 8
Finland 7
Austria 7
Spain 4
Netherlands 3
Australia 2
Denmark 2
Belgium 1

Today/11:30 CST

Norway 39
United States 34
Russia 16
Finland 8
Sweden 6
Canada 6
Germany 6
Switzerland 5
Spain 3
Austria 2
Brazil 1
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 1
France 1
Italy 1
Australia 1
United Kingdom 1
Philippines 1


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