Wiley Coyote Weil And Calendula

In this article Dr. Andrew Weil, famous alternative medicine guru, complains that calendula does not taste good: Don’t Eat The Calendula. This confirms my suspicion of him as a whiny chickenshit. In the past I wanted to know, how old is this guy? If he is less than 80, the minimum age he appears to me, I want to say, “physician heal thyself.”       Poor little baby, this outstanding healthy and easy to grow medicinal herb does not taste good to him!
What other healthy foods don’t taste good? Chocolate/cocoa without sugar or milk is bitter and truly inedible. Who would drink undiluted vinegar or lemon juice straight? In fact, calendula, flowers and leaves are rather mild tasting but certainly good in salads or sandwiches with other ingredients.

Even better and easy to grow, the Oriental chrysanthemum called Shungiku or chop suey greens. My favorite way to eat them is on toast with a thin spread of honey and two slabs of cultured butter, like watercress or purslane open face sandwich. The combination brings out the tart orange flavor of the chrysanthemum. If I don’t have enough chrysanthemum leaves can add calendula, watercress and/or purslane. But Shungiku adds an exceptional delicious taste to the mix.

According to centuries old Chinese herbal medicine authority, eating Shungiku for one year will restore a person’s youthful hair and skin, for two years will restore an old man’s teeth, and if you continue eating Shungiku you will live forever. It’s a hyperbolic metaphor of course but does suggest a high regard for the healthy benefit.
I was surprised when I did not get around to transplanting the seedlings from the cup/200 gm small pots that they already produced edible size heads of fronds. One of the five I planted I accidentally cut too short: should have left a few larger leaves below then each one will produce a new branch and edible head at each axil from what with tomato plants are called suckers.


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