“See For Yourself”

The ideal dog box:




So Doc Lombard told me when I asked him about ideal dog box size and construction at a race in Bemidji some time in the 1970s.

I had built a two story dog box in 1977, investing the prize money from Yellowknife to build what I thought was the ideal for the constraints. To carry as many dogs comfortably as could fit on a typical pickup truck box. I began to have doubts when I saw other mushers with fewer compartments carrying more dogs.

That cold night in Bemidji I did see two dogs in each of Doc’s compartments comfortably nested together in a 24 inch/60 cm wide space.

In the early years of my mushing travel around North America occasionally at a restaurant or gas station a person standing by would ask, “whatcha got in those boxes, chickens?”

Now almost 40 years later I can truthfully say, Yes!

This box I bought in Fort Resolution has been sitting rotting away beside my driveway for 15 years or twenty.  This week when my laying hens emerged from their house to forage on the newly exposed grass and vegetation one of them would go missing for a night or part of the day. Finally discovered she was laying eggs in the top box in the foto. Since she did not stay with them consistently in that cold weather I figured the eggs were not going to hatch so I took them away. But maybe later in the year…

(Note, ironically, the self-appointed sled dog welfare people in the EuroSoviet jurisdictions, the EUnamity as referred to in Cloud Atlas, a dystopian view of the future too close to some things happening today, according to these authorities the comfortable tandem or dual dog boxes Doc Lombard recommended and used for most of his later career would be illegal.)



Destructive Effects of Heavy Metals and Glyphosate

“No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”-Lily Tomlin

You could say that about knowledge: no matter how much you know or think you know it’s never enough to keep up. But if you stick with conventional wisdom you are really going to fall behind. I recall growing up in the 50s and 60s that smoking was mainstream and never criticized by the establishment authorities.

In the same era Rachel Carson exposed the danger of then current pesticides like DDT in her book Silent Spring.

Many doctors were smokers. People smoked everywhere, in your face. It was not until the U. S. Surgeon General issued his report that the tide turned. But into the 90s for example smoking was still allowed on airplanes. Imagine the conditions if you got a seat assignment in the smoking section in the back of the plane for a Trans-Atlantic flight.

Fortunately for me and my family, my Irish Methodist grandfather saw cigarettes and alcohol as the devil’s tools, calling cigarettes “coffin nails.” He also liked to say that cancer will cure people of smoking.

Ten or twenty or fifty years from now we may well have come to accept the evil of these recently introduced institutional commercialized global poisons and be astonished at conventional ignorance of this.

Destructive Effects of Heavy Metals and Glyphosate.