You Can’t Miss It!

People often forget the problems and errors they overcame to reach a successful conclusion.

In the early years of the Iditarod sled dog race I heard it said, and I wasn’t the only one to experience “you can’t miss it” denial and over-simplification. Ask where the trail is leaving one checkpoint to go on to the next. “You can’t miss it!”

When you call someone on this falsehood they may say, “Normally it is not a problem.” OK, that may be a typical definition of normality, but a lame excuse that’s no help when there is a problem.

I was guilty of practicing and perpetrating the same over-simplification in the previous post.

Depending on Windows for many years with no alternative, the problems are so prevalent and egregious that most users no longer believe anything built by Microsoft is simple and fail-safe. Puppy Linux is simple, overcomes most problems with Windows, surpasses Windows in many respects including cost/benefit and usability, but there is a learning curve and of course you can make mistakes.

So, related links to help new users understand Puppy Linux and avoid mistakes:

Using Puppy to recover data lost to corrupted and dysfunctional Windows:

Another unexpected discovery:

Last week trying to download a newer Puppy version to give it a test run, I experienced consistently slow download speeds at all the wifi hotspots in town. I kept on thinking there was something systematically wrong with the Internet infrastructure in town until my nephew with blazing fast Internet in city far away told me that it was that particular ftp site. Duh! It was improbable that all the wifi locations in town had the identical pathetic 65 k/s connection speed when the common denominator was the download site. In this case the better ftp site also shows the total bandwidth available and current use on that site. I got avg 900 k/s at one location in town, 200 k/s at the library where many other wifi users were present. Here a parent directory of Puppy Linux on that site there are many different .iso live CDs for various computers and applications:

Below links for discussion and download Puppy Linux installers that will install alternative Puppy O/S to your hard drive from within Windows if you want to keep that Windows dead meat on your computer. Then you can boot into Puppy instead of Windows anytime you want and especially when Windows is SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up) otherwise of course if you have Puppy live CD or USB you can run your computer off the CD and RAM plus have the option to create a save file for data and preferences on the Hard Drive. With USB OS you already have save to memory on the USB device, giving you a portable operating system including personal files, preferences, data that you can plug into any computer with usb boot option.

To purchase USB memory stick with various Puppy OS already installed look at

A tip for using Puppy Linux: To access memory devices including USB and CD/DVD drives you usually have to first mount the drive. The desktop will show all devices with a name for each such as sdb1. When you click on the device icon it will be mounted to show a directory. From within a system or program directory, such as within the word processor, for example, to access a particular file on a drive, you will first have to mount the drive from the desktop, then in the word processor window you probably need to enter the drive name in the form /mnt/sdb1/ click enter to reach the directory of that device.


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