Esdovie Subaki

E. I. Shereshevsky, West Siberian Laika…

This is a teaser, a stub as they say on wikipedia.

More information needed. How about it Renat, Anna O or Dasha? I gave that book to Malgorzata Szmurlo. Did she lose it?

1. Interesting but re genetics quite misguided:,N2Russia.html

2. Jajajaja (hahaha in Spanish): the following link describes Siberian Husky-like behavior. Of course it does, but admit that the Laika breed was not originally used as sled dog but for hunting. Laika is named for the dogs’ hunting behavior, chasing game until cornered or up a tree, then barking while waiting the hunter to show. (Sibe owners can recall their dogs’ willingness to bark almost forever.) Laika translation “barker.” Similar to Norwegian Elkhounds pursuing a moose.

3. More about Laikas:


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