Astaxanthin Is Good For Asta

Asta and other dogs benefit from this versatile super antioxidant from microalgae. If Asta was on facebook it’s a cinch he would “like” astaxanthin.

More recent research on astaxanthin: >   “We found a nearly 90% increase in the activation of the FOXO3 “Longevity Gene” in the mice fed the higher dose of the Astaxanthin compound CDX-085,” said Dr. Allsopp.

The oral bioavailability and fractional absorption of natural and synthetic carotenoids
(including esterified- and non-esterified astaxanthin) can be excellent in humans (14,31,
47,52,59), but is generally poor in other mammals (51,54). In particular, the “white fat”
animals (mice, rats, rabbits, canines, and swine) have poor fractional absorption of an oral
carotenoid dose (11,50). These animals, in particular rats, rabbits, and dogs, are utilized
for experimental infarction studies in preclinical efficacy evaluations of potential clinical
candidates. Therefore, improvement of the absorption of carotenoids after oral administration in animals facilitates the evaluation of the oral efficacy of potential cardiovascular leads.

Truly Bigly!

Myrna Loy and William Powell were the actors playing Nora and Nick Charles in the Thin Man movie series. Asta is their dog. Nora has the best lines but Asta plays an important role, sniffing out and discovering evidence; just as often he runs off with the clues or engages in other comical doggy antics.

When the police try to break down Nora to implicate Nick in a murder by telling her stories about his many previous lovers, she replies, “And I thought he was just bragging!” In another case, a jockey who was caught cheating in a horse race has been discovered dead. “They’re really strict at this track aren’t they,” she comments. She is the opposite of the typical good looking but dopey or psychotic dame of the movies.


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