Gonzo Nutrition Vindicated

David Kronfeld, paleo-diet, low-carb, high-fat, non-glycemic, sugar toxicity,  ketogenic…

What Kronfeld knew to be true for dog diets and suspected would apply to humans receives more confirmation:





2 thoughts on “Gonzo Nutrition Vindicated

  1. I would characterize Mercola’s newsletter and website as a mishmash of hype and infomercial style reporting. And their products are way overpriced. However, since many articles include verifiable references and footnotes, and quote factual statements by respected authorities also contained in peer reviewed literature, I find it a good source of information with leads worth following. That is, judge for yourself case by case how much to believe of what is written there.

    The US FDA has a shaky reputation for justice and accuracy, and like many government agencies abuses their power so that as a result when they intervene even a moderate to large corporation my prefer to plea bargain instead of paying the higher cost to go to court to defend themselves. So much for “innocent until proven guilty.” More like innocent until you estimate the legal bill. The FDA knows that too and manipulates the process to that end. When dealing with the FDA it’s cheaper to plead guilty and get on with it. Even going to court and winning leaves companies reluctant to publicize the results for fear FDA will retaliate with their arbitrary prosecutions. Some notable examples are detailed in the following (old) list:


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