Iditarod, The Hollywood Connection

Joe Redington’s friend Larry Brayton (our man in the boiler room of the Anchorage, Alaska, Snowshoe Inn and creator of Iditarod the Movie) had Hollywood connections, but before that Joe bred the dog that was used in the title role of the film Nikki Wild Dog of the North. The same dog was then used to establish a RCMP breeding kennel in Canada. More about Hollywood, Sarah Palin, Vladimir Putin, Angelina, Brad, another time. That’s how to generate views from search engines.

Trolling or trawling with tags

Is there mushing in the Olympics? The Olympic Range, the mountains in Washington State? Armen, Tonya and I took three dogs to Greece to go dog mushing on the snowfield atop Mt Olympus but it was Orthodox Easter, we did not get to the top because the ski area on the military reserve there was closed. We did take our dogs up trekking on the trail leading to the summit from the east side and encountered deep snow and recent avalanches.

About the Olympics, after ten years in an international sports federation, attending meetings with the IOC officials and Olympic sport bosses, seeing how it operates… it takes much of the pleasure out of watching the athletes perform, knowing about the pimps behind the scenes running the show at every level. We have them in corresponding positions in mushing, too, people who have no real understanding of our history, traditions and values, who have never themselves competed at the top level, using their positions to consolidate power and advance their cronies, but worse, don’t buy the token or minor but crucial sine qua non of the Olympic movement, the commitment to Sport for All and international development. Their only true sport is politics. Asinus asinum fricat is the MO of sports governing institutions and bodies.

Blogging about blogging, analyzing the statistics

I can see the number of views each day and from which country they came, along with other stats to determine what subjects appeal to more people. With this blog it appears that semi-technical posts related to nutrition and equipment for sled dogs have been more successful on both sides of the Atlantic.

OMG! How much does that weigh in kilometers??

A surprising finding from stats was that the previous post

had many views from Europe but unlike most others, none from the USA and Canada. Was it parochialism? How many Anglophones were turned away by the unpronounceable word Jukkasjarvi in the title? Or the lack of a thumbnail. Or were they all too busy watching the Olympics? I am gonna find out with this post.

What was she thinking? When you sweep the floor, sweep the floor

When you clean the kennel, clean the kennel. Is this a Zen Buddhist proscription of multitasking vs. compartmentalization? I prefer Josef Conrad’s “Swim in the element that surrounds you.” In any case, it is something dogs are often better at than people, ability to focus on the business at hand. Diogenes also recognized many admirable abilities of dogs. “He wrote, dogs and philosophers do the most good for the least reward.” The school of philosophy is called Cynic (related to dog in Greek) for these reasons not because of attributing viciousness to dogs or their admirers.


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