What’s in a name; plus unrelated amenities, technologies, trials and tribulations.

A radio program I heard last week about the praying clockwork monkbot commissioned by Philip  II of Spain on the ‘miraculous’ recovery of his son and heir Carlos from what appeared to be certain death after he fell down the stairs in a state of drunkenness and banged his head was what suggested indirectly the previous post, SH!T.

Santiago is a common place name and given name in Spanish-speaking countries. The original Santo Diego was Saint James,  patron saint of Spain, brother of the Apostle John.

Santi is a nickname for Santiago. The confusion is manifold in other languages. Jaime, Jacob, Iago, Hakkon, Diego, Didac, Seamus: all equivalents/cognates.

On our tour of the cordillera east of Santiago de Chile, before the era of smartphones and google searches, I would come back to the same subject of conversation with Marcelo; since I never got a satisfactory answer there were endless opportunities to practice Spanish referring often to a small dictionary in my pocket; who was Santo Iago? Which particular historical person Jaime or Diego or James was he, and how did he become a saint? Marcelo insisted that Santiago was Santiago. If he had known about Gertrude Stein’s axiom he could have trumped or admonished my curiosity with “a rose is a rose is a rose,” or Shakespeare’s “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Quien es Santiago?

La Ciudad, Santiago?

La persona Santiago, Santo Iago, Santo Diego

Como la persona? Santiago la ciudad

Si, pero, su nombre Santiago venga de qual persona?

Like the American baseball comic routine Who’s On First or the Chinese American update Hu’s Calling Obama:

President Hu is calling

How should I know

Hu is calling, the President of China

You tell me

Hu wants to arrange a meeting

When was that

Wen is the Premier

Wen is the Premier what

Wen is the Premier, Hu is the President

I am the President, When will you stop asking stupid questions

Now thanks to clues on the radio I know that Santiago de Chile and many other cities like San Diego, California, are not named for original Saint James but for Saint Didacus/Diego of Alcala.

By the way, where is the Santi of Baqueira Beret, the dog musher who treated us to such delicious pata negra ham at the stage of Pirena held next to his touring sled dog kennel?

Other Subjects:

If you enjoy reading some of these articles you can subscribe and be notified when a new page is posted. What started me on this blog was that I was asked the same questions over a period of decades. When Pep Pares reprimanded Monique Bene and me for discussing for so long, half an hour, something related to disqualifications and rules in sled dog racing at the finish line of  Pirena 10 years ago in Baqueira Beret, we replied that we had been discussing that subject for years! Now I think that we can discuss or answer many things better without repetition on a blog, the state of the art for special interest communication. Feedback is welcome; you can comment on the wordpress blog or message on facebook.

I Go Retro

Do not buy into the state of the art or the latest most recent and most expensive generation of technology. More likely a retro or post-modern device and method is cheaper and equally effective under prevailing conditions.

In my case, I have dialup Internet at home and strongly resent the 15 year long toll of time and money paid to Microsoft and their arrogant and bloated software near-monopoly. (Call out the oxymoron Microsoft Works.) How many dollars and days spent trying to recover data, solve software problems, call for customer support to India. The software gets bigger and bigger, memory is in the terabytes, yet many operations are slower and take more time than 10 years ago. And before that we used computers with software and OS on 52 KB floppies that worked quite well.

What would you say to free software that is simpler to use, faster and better? There are bugs and hiccups in all software, but how nice not to pay MS for the privilege to have them give you the shaft. You would not pay to stand in line for a slap in the face or be victimized by a pickpocket, would you? I don’t have any solution for dealing with US banks except to have my money in a credit union.

#1. You can download several different operating system (OS) implementations of Lucid Puppy Linux 5.2.8 the size varying from about 125MB to 360MB depending on the additional Office function software you want. (Ubuntu and similar Linux OS are much bigger, are not easily configured to do dialup, and IMO no better performing overall.) The basic LUPU already has word processor, video viewers, spreadsheet, simple browser Dillo and most software you would need.

Download the version you want to try and then burn it to a CD. You can boot your computer off this CD, even if the Windows OS you were using has crashed or is corrupted and dysfunctional pain in the ass. As a precaution you can leave the Windows OS and files intact unless or until you are convinced you don’t need Windows. The so-called live CD loads into RAM (takes 15-30 seconds to load and open; many BIOS have the CD drive as the first boot device otherwise you must interrupt with F2 or escape according to the very quick message onscreen as the bios loads, then set/change your boot options) and will usually run even if the primary Hard Disk is FUBAR. When the Windows OS is corrupted and messed up you will still typically be able to access the documents on the hard disk with the live CD running the show. If you want Chrome or Firefox browser you need to download them, they are 20-30 MB but that can be done with the Dillo browser on the live CD. That leads to…

#2. Most websites are bloated with ads and features that waste your time and distract you from the content you want to read or view. Dillo, the simple browser packaged with Puppy, works almost like TIVO. Skip the crap! Dillo displays the webpage html text and photos in a linear form without frames or Flash and other bandwidth gobbling features. There is a version of Dillo for Windows called D+. On 22 kbps dialup Windows or Linux versions opened Yahoo homepage in a few seconds, faster than Chrome on a WiFi high speed Internet connection. (Heads-up! On these download sites be sure to click on the download button for the software you want, not the deliberately misleading ads.)

If you are stuck with Windows but don’t have an satisfactory word processor you can try the portable software abiword. Again, like D+ it is a small download that you could copy to a USB memory stick to install on different computers and/or save the document files you create on the same memory device. Saves by default .abw format but when you <save as> there will be a drop-down menu with other file format choices.


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