She Won Three Years In A Row, So They Cancelled It (George Attla Meets King Kong)

Looking for the exact wording “every dog team must jump the same” reminded me of these other scenes from the movie Spirit of the Wind:


Characters: Mother, Father, George, Sister, Brother.


M George, come sit. I cook beaver for you.

F Yes, your favorite.

G Got a new radio, eh?

F Your Mom won that in the rifle shooting contest.

G Mom won a shooting contest?

F Yeah, she won it all three years they had it. So this year they’re not going to have one.

F Boy, that looks good. Give me your plate, George. Isn’t that good?

G Gee thanks, but ain’t that an awful lot? There won’t be enough for the rest of you.

F What are you talking about? I remember the time you used to eat a whole beavertail by yourself.

G It’s been a long time. I think that plane ride must have been too rough. Must have got to my stomach. I don’t feel too hungry.

F Well, you’ve got to have a lot of good food to get strong. Pass your plate, Robert.

S George, what was it like where you lived?

B Did you have many friends?

G Yeah, I had a lot of friends. It was OK. I had my own bed and place. And for a while I shared a room with my friend Isaac. He’s an Eskimo from down Qigiguk, downriver. We rode in cars, I even drove one once. We had movies, too. We had one every week. And the last one we saw was about this giant gorilla that got this girl and climbed the tallest building in the world. And the planes came and they shot at it. It was really good. Yeah, and I even went bowling once. They have this ball and they roll it, and they got to knock ‘em all down, you know. I never went bowling before, and the lady gave me the ball and said knock them pins down over there. So, I said OK, you know, and then I took that old ball and hoisted it on my shoulder. She started yelling at me and I threw it. She said whoa, whoa, whoa! That’s not the way you bowl! Never did go bowling again.

M What’s a gorilla?


F I thought you were getting ready to go caribou hunting?

G Yeah I was but this is the World Series.

F Series of what?

G Baseball

F What is baseball?

G Well, there’s a pitcher, he has a ball, and he throws as hard as he can at a batter so the batter can’t hit it. And the batter has a wooden bat about that long and he tries to hit the ball as hard as he can so the fielders can’t get it. And the fielders, they get the ball and throw it to the player which is on a base where the batter is running. And they try to get it there before he gets there to get him out.

F Is this game widely played by the whites?

G Yeah, it’s played all over the country. Right now there’s probably fifty million people listening to this game. They get a lot of money for playing this game.

F For hitting a small ball with a wooden club?

G Unh.

F And it seems more important listening to this jabber box telling about white people than to go caribou hunting?

G This is the Yankees and the Dodgers!


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