The Best Commercial Dog Food For The Money…

At 65 cents a pound, 34% protein and 14% fat, the winner is Purina Cat Chow.

Cats and mink are not scavengers like dogs, and their physiology (gut length, for instance) and dietary requirements are higher and more restrictive than dogs. In many ways the food intended for them is better for dogs than the typical necessary and sufficient but not optimum dog food designed for general use. But I assumed cat food would be more expensive than dog food because of market and quality factors.

What’s the trade-off feeding cat food to dogs? The fat level is less than high performance dog food; in fact this is an advantage because fats are the most perishable or vulnerable ingredients in dry dog food. If you need more fat, add better quality from fresh/raw sources.

Be aware:

Comparing dry food to raw ingredients, turkey fat and skins are about 30% fat dry weight with a bonus 8% protein (not usually found in processed products) since the fatty tissue and fatty skins are composed of cells containing also protein and water.

Sometimes composition analysis/specs are given on a percent of calories basis. In this case, factor in that fat is about twice the calories (dry) per unit weight compared to protein and carbs. Percent of calories rather than percent by weight makes sense because diets are often used in feeding trials and compared in practice on iso-caloric basis. You would want to feed the same amount of calories in each case.

Example calculation using the turkey fat and skins above:

30 parts fat X 2 = 60

8 parts protein = 8

There is no carbohydrate or other significant energy source.

Therefore fat is 60/68 X 100 percent of the total calories = 88% in this food ingredient


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