If You Really Want To Fart, Jacques…

… Go for it, knock yourself out! (Pardon my French; fart is wax, the French word for English word fart is PT.)

So, this musher dude sends me an email and he’s like, cross country skiers are in the Olympics, we gotta learn their secret tricks. Their skis are wide compared to sled runners and they’re narrower in the middle and they have camber and they use special plastic, they stone grind it, they spend hours putting on wax and some of their waxes cost $100 for one dusting! I go, no pain no gain, you get what you pay for, man. He’s like, you gotta be shittin me. $100? I could trade a lot of grass for that.

I thought I would let this one ride for a while to test the feedback. Did John Baker wax his sled runners when he set the record to Nome? How does seal oil work for wax? You gotta be a Native to even use the stuff. Which makes me think on a tangent to this. Is it fair that Natives can compete in the Iditarod when only they can feed seal meat?


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